Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun - Getting Those Good Action Shots! :)

I hope that the beautiful summer weather has provided you all with many great photo opportunities - I know our recent vacation trip up north did that for me! :) Always though, one of the things that I aspire for is a *good* action shot - capturing that shot or series of shots seems to just add a vibrant feel and energy to a new layout! :)

Sometimes you may want to scrap just a single-action shot - one where the motion is stopped or "frozen" at the exact moment it's happening. The flowing currents of the water as seen here in this picture of the falls up north is a good example. :)

And here is another example where my husband is tossing Lucas into the air while at the lake. :)

And sometimes you may want to scrap action shots which show actions flowing in sequence. Setting your particular's camera mode to an action setting will usually suffice in helping you get those perfect shots because you're getting a series of shots in motion taken at a mode faster than you could normally snap on your own in a regular setting. Although you may end up with WAY more captures at that particular moment than you will need, out of all of the ones you take, you're bound to end up with a few great ones in a row! :)

And sometimes you can also capture a different feel and perspective with these types of shots simply by changing where you are standing and how you are holding the camera. On the shots above, you notice that I got as close as I could to Lucas from behind him (without jumping in myself! :-P), but in this next series of shots (same day but different locale ;)), I tilted the camera a bit and shot from the side to try to capture some of the emotion on his face as well as obtain some different (side) lighting peeking through the trees. :)

So now it's time to let me see some of YOUR favorite action shots taken over this summer! :) Please share over on the thread I started on the LRS message board - I look forward to seeing them!

Happy Friday all! :)

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