Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shoes - Layout Tutorial using September 2013 Kit

Hi Sara here with a tutorial on how I crated my "Shoes" layout using the September kit.

Items Needed:
* LRS September 2013 Kit
* Water Color Paints (I used Loew-Cornell Simply Art Paints - Love Them!!)
* Stencil
* Thick Gesso (or Modeling Paste)
* Basic Scrapbook Tools

1) Hand cut a wavy border around the "Envelope" paper.
2) Distress the Edges.
3) Machine or hand stictch a border around the page about 1" from the edges.

4) Spread and splatter some water color in the center of the page.  First apply some very diluted water color paint and then gradually add more concentrated color.  Be sure to let each layer of color dry a little before adding another color. 

5) With the photo placement in mind turn the page so the water color splatter is facing in the direction you like, then add some stencil prints using thick gesso or modeling paste.  Allow gesso or modeling paste to dry completely. 

6) While the gesso or modeling paste is drying, take the foam alphabets and spell out your title on a craft sheet.  Be sure you place your alphas completely flat on the craft sheet so water won't get underneath.  Dilute some water color so the color is very transulcent (I used blue) and paint all of the letters.  Then add more water color to the mix to make it darker and paint the bottom section of the alphabets.   Then add a lighter hue of water color to the mix (I used green) and paint the middle section of the alphas.  Allow the alphas to dry then add one more coat of the dark blue water color mix to the bottom of the alphabets and allow to dry.

7) Cut a few strips of pattern paper and adhere them across the page as shown.

8) With the photo placement in mind, layer a tag and several of the die cut pieces as shown.
9) Because the damp water color makes the pattern paper a little crinckly, I adhered my page to a sheet of white cardstock, but this is optinal.  Then add your photo, a few more piecesof pattern paper tucked here and there and embellish as desired.
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Thanks for taking a look and have a great weekend.

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Tammy Wilson said...

This looks amazing Sara!