Friday, July 12, 2013

July Kit Projects

Last year I jumped onto the Project Life bandwagon full steam ahead.  I kept it up all year and promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything new for the project, since I have so many older bits of kits and such that I felt I could use...and I did it!  I used up many of my older Little Red kits, loving the ability to just pull a kit out and create a two page spread that worked so well together!  Because I did a weekly spread, I had at least 52 spreads to do...many times, more, since I had inserts etc for many weeks.  But this year, I decided to do Project Life a little differently and I'm approaching it monthly instead of weekly.  And admittedly, I've bought new supplies to keep my head in the game. ;)
I decided to approach May differently than any other month so far and I've created two page spreads for each of my children.  They all had such busy months that it was hard to combine them and I felt I could tell the stories better by child than in my typical chronological way.  So here is my May spread for Jillian...first up, the left side:
there is journaling hidden inside the little fold out in the middle:
and the right side of the spread:
More hidden journaling inside the cellophane pocket, some tucked into the envelope and held in with the cute little paper clip.  I've printed out an Instagram post of my daughter's and stole pictures from her Twitter, too!  If you click on the photo to make it bigger, you will see that I've added some embellishments on top of the page protector, too, to keep the project from feeling too sterile. I do keep this project easy for myself and try not to make each little bit an art project because for me, Project Life is better done than not. :)

Last up is another layout from me.  Other than the twine and a couple of buttons it's all kit.

So there are my designs for all weekend for more designs from our DT members!

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Carla said...

Love the PL idea Lisa!! Guess I need to pull out my past kits and follow along! Only a few weeks behind, but like the way you mixed things up with it a bit!